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Soverign Acres Shahn - Owned Sam Paton Reusnik 

 Woranora Jasper - Chloe Beckwith 

Springtime Sweet Charity - Ruth Hall 

Katara Brenin Llew - Jahnae Parrish - Angie Rickard Photography

Simmie Golden Lad - Cathy Chandler 

Anthanor Milo rider Annie Aikman - Equine Promotions

Jarickni Daenerys - Monique Centrone

Keira Park Unforgettable - Photos by Carmel Pethick (Debby Cheeseman)

Burren-dah Camelot - Lisa Glascott

Soverign Acres Lancelot - Ryan Baker -  Photo Soverign Acres 

Fairlight Acres Golden Girl - Emma Spedding

LA Bella Park Patient Reward Chistina Henning

Pen-nant Fire & Ice- Chloe Beckwith 

Dantra Park Fantasia - Tracey Andrew Photos by Samantha Taylor

Make Mine Champagne - Adelle Mahoney

Soverign Acres Shahn - Owned Sam Paton Reusnik - photo Soverign Acres

Barringa Golden Boy - Roberts family - Tell the Tail Photography

Wyann Bon Bon - Anna Plant - Carmel Pethick

Mahogany park Signature - Emma Spedding 

DB Wisteria A. Clark & S.Lord 

Classic Title

Jestames Galaxy- Kim Cooke

Mooravale Topsy - Bree Clark

DB Jitterbug- Bree Clark- Lisa Gordon

Fairlights Acres Star Shine - Emma Spedding 

Jarickni Fleur - Chloe Beckwith

Manorvale Action Man- Jazmine Roberts- Tell the Tail Photography

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